Solar Light Eclipse



Well, technically not an eclipse, but definitely solar.  This is one of our solar lawn lights hitting the snow in our front yard – with a touch of artistic flair tossed into the mix.

Sony DSC-R1
1/6 sec

Amazing Sunset – iPhone


Was around ZERO degrees outside – while walking our dog the other evening the sunset behind the church across the street from our house was just amazing!   I was going to run home and grab my “real” camera, but knew the moment would be gone by the time I got back.  This opportunity actually gives me a reason to add a new category to my site – only shots taken with my iPhone.

The Seahorse


Shrimp Boat located on Shem Creek – Mount Pleasant, SC. (just across the bridge from Charleston)

This is one of many shrimp boats located along this very famous inlet to Charleston Harbor.   There are lots of great restaurants and a watersports outfitter located along this creek as well.  Manatees and dolphins also frequent this creek, giving paddleboarders and kayakers something fun to look for.


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It is always windy on the beach.

Window on the Battery


Love the look of the old historic buildings and homes around The Battery in Charleston, SC.   We spend a lot of time enjoying the unique architecture and “coziness” of the area.

Into the Sea…


This is an erosion control wall built to prevent the sand from being pushed down the island and out to sea.  Well, it doesn’t really prevent it ultimately from the bigger tropical storms and hurricanes, but it does slow the progress of nature quite a bit.   There are several of these spread among the east side of Folly Island.  It creates a really cool feel.  Another benefit of these as because they are surrounded by giant boulders, there are quite a few tidal pools that remain when the tide goes out (low tide), and a variety of sea life can remain in wait until the tide rolls back in.  Various fish, crabs, anemone’s, snails, jelly fish, etc…. can all be found here.